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apple developer account:Biden vows to stop u0027sicku0027 Republican voting rights restrictions


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WASHINGTON -President Joe Biden said on Thursday he is convinced he will be able to stop voting rights restrictions, which he called "un-American," as Republicans across the country seek to impose such limits following the 2020 election.

Biden said he would spend time advocating for legislation recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on voting rights and also educate the American public. Earlier this month, he signed an executive order making it easier for Americans to vote.

"What I'm worried about is how un-American this whole initiative is. It is sick," Biden told reporters at his first formal news conference since taking office on Jan. 20. "The Republican voters I know find this despicable."

"I'm convinced that we will be able to stop this because it is the most pernicious thing," he added.

House Democrats recently passed legislation to update voting procedures and require states to turn over the task of redrawing congressional districts to independent commissions. That bill faces a tough fight in the evenly divided Senate.

Biden urged the Senate to pass the bill.

The push by Democrats to make it easier to vote comes as Republican lawmakers in dozens of states have moved to restrict voting access after former President Donald Trump's loss in the November election.

Georgia's Republican-led House of Representatives passed a sweeping elections bill on Thursday that would impose new restrictions on voting in the state that helped Democrats win the White House and control of the U.S. Senate.

More than 250 bills with provisions that restrict voting access have been introduced in 43 states during the current legislative session, according to a report from the Brennan Center for Justice. REUTERS



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