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apple developer account for sale :Undi18, SOP fines - Umno told to quit PN govt instead of merely criticising


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Lawyer Syahredzan Johan has taken a swipe at Umno for condemning the Perikatan Nasional government on the Undi18 delay when the Malay-based party is part of the ruling coalition itself.

He suggested Umno quit Muhyiddin Yassin's cabinet if it disagrees with the delay in the implementation of Undi18 which entails the automatic registration of 18-year-olds as voters.

"The RM10,000 (fine for Covid-19 SOPs violation) is not Umno's fault even though it is in the cabinet and the senior minister is from Umno. The Undi18 (delay) is also not Umno's fault even though Umno is in the cabinet and the youth and sports minister is from Umno," he said.

"So Umno gets the position and wages without having to take any responsibility?" tweeted Syahredzan (above) who is also political secretary to DAP Puteri Iskandar MP Lim Kit Siang.

"Life is good, getting all the perks, all the benefits, but none of the responsibilities. Where can one get a job like this?" he said.

Umno vice-president Ismail Sabri Yaakob is the senior minister in charge of security while supreme council member Reezal Merican Naina Merican helms the youth and sports ministry.

Earlier this month, the government increased the fine for movement control order violations to RM10,000 from RM1,000 for individuals. It imposed a maximum fine of RM50,000 for private firms.

The quantum of the fines is tiered and based on three categories of offences - severe, moderate and normal - according to the risk posed by the offence. Those who choose to settle their fines within seven days would be eligible for a 50 percent discount while those who pay within 14 days will receive a 25 percent discount.

Following the hefty increase, Umno together with other opposition parties offered legal aid to those unfairly fined for flouting the SOPs.

Party president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak had spoken out against the drastic increase of the maximum RM10,000 fine.

Umno also saw red when the government postponed the implementation of Undi18 to after September 2022 when it was initially planned to be implemented in July 2021.

The Election Commission said the movement control order had affected its planning and preparations to lower the voting age after the bill for it was approved by the Dewan Rakyat.

However, critics have argued there was no reason why the existing voter registration system could not be extended to 18-year-olds.

PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan, who is also the de facto law minister, has also been criticised on both issues.

Syahredzan questioned what the Umno ministers were doing in the cabinet.

"It is amusing to see Umno's people trying to tai chi (deflect attention from) the Undi18 to the PAS minister. What is Umno doing in the cabinet? Are they wooden stumps?"

"Disagree with the postponement of Undi18? Resign. This is a fundamental issue," said Syahredzan.



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