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SAN FRANCISCO/DENVER - The United States is having a Thanksgiving holiday like no other. More than 20 million people are on some form of unemployment insurance, and a fresh wave of layoffs is coming, as restaurants and other in-person businesses close amid a huge jump in novel coronavirus infections that is filling hospital beds. Although travel is discouraged by health officials, millions have done so anyway, raising fears of more infections to come. Wealthier Americans insulated from the economic downturn and those hit hardest by it are preparing for the yearly feast on Thursday in disparate ways. The U.S. recovery from the pandemic has been remarkably uneven, with some Americans working from home, saving money, and spending lavishly online, and others struggling to pay for rent and groceries after their jobs evaporated. That's especially so in tourism-dependent states like Colorado, which drew nearly 90 million visitors in 2019, thanks to its Rocky Mountain resorts and vast national parks. Since the coronavirus hit, the number of unemployed in the state has more than doubled, to about 200,000, and the number employed dropped 5%. Among Colorado's lowest-paid workers, those who make under $27,000, employment fell 18%, according to data collected by Opportunity Insights, a collaboration between Harvard University, Brown University, and the Gates foundation. In the leisure and hospitality industries, employment is down about 23%. Meanwhile, sales of luxury homes, those over $1 million, have boomed in Denver and other metros as work-from-home tech industry executives seek more space. The lopsided economy is playing out at restaurants and foodbanks throughout Denver this Thanksgiving. 7,500 FREE FROZEN TURKEYS Food Bank of the Rockies is giving away Thanksgiving turkeys this year for the first time in recent memory. They were easier to get, thanks to a turkey glut caused by fewer families doing big dinners and fewer companies distributing birds to their employees, CEO Erin Pulling said. The organization also prepped 1,200 Thanksgiving meals and provided food for thousands of holiday food boxes distributed by its partners. "I don,

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