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THE Malacca elections could eventually turn out to be meaningless.

Almost all seats will see multi-cornered fights and with votes getting split, even underdogs like the independent candidates may win unexpectedly.

Fresh faces and new talent from seasoned parties will give not much advantage on the field when pitted against independents.

The concern is that another weak government will be formed by a loose coalition.

And that will result in more “frogs” and “frogging”. Independents may jump and so could those from other parties.

The entire chaos could restart.

The question is how long will the next state government last?

Will we see the state assembly being dissolved again during the coming general election?

Thus voters in Malacca must weigh all possibilities and aspects before casting their ballot.

Analyse the candidates, not the parties. – November 10, 2021.

* Narinder Pal reads The Malaysian Insight. 



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