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YOURSAY | ‘Don’t sit back and make it easy for the thieves and crooks.'

COMMENT | We look on helplessly because we let politics be a spectator sport

Newday: Well said, Malaysiakini associate editor Martin Vengadesan.

I have had enough of not-so-close friends stating all the negative things you highlighted, including “never vote again” and getting upset at the younger generation for taking their political passion to the streets.

Even the “walk” to the Parliament by opposition MPs received criticism from my Pakatan Harapan voting buddies. “Just a stunt, did nothing,” they stated. Yet, it was these MPs in suits facing off with the FRU, not them.

All I can do is express my feelings via forums like Malaysiakini and encourage political awareness among my children. One, in particular, is putting himself out there in that regard.

The Bersih rallies were not for nothing. We, unfortunately, ended up with a government incapable of making political change quick enough, with the wrong man in charge.

I do have some sympathy for Harapan though, as taking over after 60 years of the same is not going to be easy.

At this time, we are stuck with the same old, same old. There will be another election. There will be opportunity for change again. I just hope I am not dead before that happens.

Anonymous_15897060865429524: What can we do, Martin? Go march in the streets and risk Covid?

Many of us are old. I was at the few Bersih rallies. But my street marching days are over. So, I ask you, what can we do during this pandemic?

Where is the leadership by example? Harapan only knows how to complain and usually, they are outwitted by Perikatan Nasional (PN). Bersih, the Bar Council, etc, have fallen silent. Gone are the fiery leaders of the past, replaced by bureaucrats.

There is hope in Muda but they don’t seem to be doing much either except struggling with the Registrar of Societies.

AdeK: @Anonymous_15897060865429524, what a great question. What can we do? A few ideas, from another old person:

1. Throw your support behind those who are at the forefront of change. Support these journalists, artists, activists and young people.

Whether it's helping pay for their legal representation, sending them an "I support you" message on social media, being visible in your support and defending them against attacks by your inner circle (friends, family, co-workers, social media contacts), help keep them strong.

2. Support NGOs that are doing what our government isn't. There are many of them out there that ignore race, class, etc, in the work they do. Either volunteer or support them financially. Get better working conditions for migrants through Tenaganita and Yayasan Chow Kit.

Defend freedom of the press and put pressure on authorities who intimidate individuals who speak out through Amnesty International and Transparency International. Inform yourself on the arguments (including those based on religion) used to oppress women and other communities by following Sisters in Islam.


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