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YOURSAY | ‘A man reaps what he sows, and I pray this would come soonest.’

MPs offered 'durian RM30', ministerial position to defect

Nik Nazmi: 'Durian sale' a sign that political instability untenable

Bruclax: When the September plan for Parliament to reconvene was announced, the only thunderous chorus we heard was the mega sale to buy politicians.

What started as an ugly joke of frogs hopping has now become firmly embedded in Malaysia's political culture. There is a video of the Perkasa leader referring to Bersatu as a party of frogs, insinuating the fact that all of them hopped from other parties.

Malaysia may not be certain when Covid-19 will be under control but we are sure that our politicians have launched a plan to gain majority support in the Dewan Rakyat.

As a country, we have reached the lowest ebb in our history. There has never been a period in recent history where Malaysians are suffering like this. The death rate has reached tragic proportions. The economy is in the dumps and experts have predicted that we may never recover our lost glory.

Yet the only priority of the ruling government is to save its skin by all means. The claim by some of the MPs of the offer of “durian” money to hop comes as no surprise

Corruption has weaved itself into the DNA of our society. It has become a norm to engage in corrupt practices. These politicians hoodwink the people with their religious charade and hide behind their championing of race. Deep inside, they are a bunch of vile beings.

There is no concern for the state of the country. Who is now managing the Covid-19 pandemic? Where is the priority?

The sad state is we know the answers to these questions and we are hopelessly lost as to how we are going to survive as a nation.

Malaysia Is Surrealist Art: "Durian" refers to "durian runtuh" (windfall) - a sudden blessing of perhaps RM30 million falling from the trees.

Going after the Ipoh Barat MP M Kulasegaran indeed reflects the level of desperation that the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government is now at.

All I can say is, all the best. You may be able to buy over one or two, but anything more than 10 is a tall order as most of the "for sale" items have already left the shelf.

Hang on, I'm underestimating this pack of wolves. Never ever do that.

ConcernMalaysian: ‘RM30 durian’ may mean RM30,000 or RM300,000 or even RM3 million. Hard to tell. But this is bad.

YellowRusa5552: Someone must be really scraping the bottom of the barrel if they are offering DAP MPs to defect.

One would have thought it would definitely be a lot easier to entice the independents and those from Warisan and other fringe parties.

I am pretty sure if they indeed are offering "RM30 per durian", there would be plenty of takers in the market.

The Truth: Assuming a young family of five can be fed with RM1,000, RM1 million can feed 1,000 such families and RM30 million can feed 30,000 families. How many MPs are being offered 30 durians?


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