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apple developer account for sale :Delisted Xbox 360 Games Like Silent Hill Are Now Back In The Xbox One Store


Some eagle-eyed Xbox fans have noticed a strange quirk on the Xbox One store. Several Xbox 360 games that were previously delisted are now available for purchase on Xbox One, including Silent Hill: Downpour, Deadly Premonition, and Tom Clancy's HAWX. Several racing games also make the list: Dirt 3, Fuel, Grid 2, and Midnight Club LA.These Xbox 360 games are playable on the Xbox One thanks to that platform's limited backward compatibility, which the Xbox Series X will share. It's not clear why exactly these games are available now, but it could have something to do with Microsoft preparing the Xbox store for the upcoming Xbox Series X. According to Reddit users, purchasing these games only allows you to play them on Xbox One, not Xbox 360.Delisted games are an unfortunately common phenomenon due to rights expiring and the like, particularly when it comes to licensed music. On social media, players have reported that some of these relisted games have become unavailable again, so if you want to pick up one of these games, time is of the essence.

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