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apple developer:How To Buy Escape From Tarkov: All Edition Differences And Prices


Escape from Tarkov combines first-person combat with elements from action-RPGs and MMOs. Developed by Russian studio Battlestate Games, the game features raid modes, offline play, and hideouts you can build up over time. The game is still in early access as more systems are implemented, but you can already take on quests from in-game vendors to earn cash, experience, and items, which gives you a reason to keep playing between matches.Escape From Tarkov is still in early access, but it's already racking up huge viewer numbers of Twitch and nurturing a strong playerbase. With the influx of newcomers and the massive update that shipped at the end of last year, it's a great time to hop into the game. But if you're looking to pre-order, you've probably noticed there are several editions of the game available. There's a standard edition, Left Behind edition, Prepare For Escape edition, and Edge of Darkness Limited edition. These four editions range in price from $45 to $140. Each comes with a slew of bonuses and perks to use in the game, but what are the version differences and how do you decide which one to get? And will Tarkov eventually have other price tags you should be aware of? Escape From Tarkov News And Guides Escape From Tarkov 12.7 Is Out With Full Patch Notes Escape From Tarkov's Reserve Map Just Got Bigger Escape From Tarkov Patch 12.6 Wipes Character Data Escape From Tarkov: Controls And Hotkeys Guide Escape From Tarkov Pre-Order Guide: Version Differences & How To Get Early Access According to the developer, Escape from Tarkov will not have microtransactions. It will, however, have paid DLC at some point, and you can upgrade to more expensive versions down the road if you so choose. It's important to note that purchases are region-locked, with the exception of Europe. So if you purchase the game in North America, you can only play it in North America.Battlestate Games hasn't revealed when Escape from Tarkov will leave early access, but you can pre-order now and get instant access to the current build and a wealth of bonuses. At this time, Escape from Tarkov is only available to purchase on PC from its official website. Based on a developer update provided years ago, it appears that the game will release on Steam at some point. But if you want to get in on the current trend, you'll have to go straight through Battlestate Games for now.Escape from TarkovIf you're looking to check out Escape from Tarkov, we've outlined all of the information you need to know about each of the four editions to help make your decision easier. Whichever edition you choose, you'll be able to start playing the early access build right now.Escape from Tarkov pre-order bonusesEach edition of Escape from Tarkov comes with various bonuses, outlined below. Most of the bonuses pertain to stash size and starting equipment, but the most expensive edition also comes with the season pass and a couple of neat perks.Escape from Tarkov standard editionThe standard edition costs $45 and includes the basic 10x26 cell (260 slots) stash and the following bonus equipment:knife (ER Bayonet)tactical rig x2 (depends on selected faction)backpack x2 (MBSS - 4x4 cells)Secure container (2x2)Grach or P226 pistol x3 (depends on selected faction)pistol magazines x9pistol ammo x180Makarov Pistol x3pistol magazines x9pistol ammo x150canned meat x4bottled water x3AI-2 medkit x6bandages x6splint x6300k roublesAKS74U + 2 loaded magazines Pre-order Standard EditionEscape from Tarkov Left Behind EditionFor $75, you can pick up the Left Behind Edition, which increases your stash size to 10x36 cells (360 slots) and doles out the following inventory items from the jump:knife (ER Bayonet)tactical rig x2 (depends on selected faction)backpack x2 (MBSS - 4x4 cells)Secure container (2x2)Grach or P226 pistol x4 (depends on selected faction)pistol magazines x12pistol ammo x180Makarov Pistol x3pistol magazines x9pistol ammo x150canned meat x8bottled water x6AI-2 medkit x9bandages x9splint x9400k roublesAKS74U+2 loaded magazines,

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