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high quality apple developer account:Comic-Con At Home: New Mutants Gets New Trailer, Still No Surprise Streaming Release


While many were speculating that The New Mutants Comic-Con@Home panel would see the announcement of an early digital release, that wasn't the case. However, new footage of the movie has arrived to keep you prepared for a movie that was noted at the panel as coming out on August 28.During the panel, the opening sequence for the movie was revealed, which showcases a young girl running for her life. This transitions into a more traditional trailer, which is full of horror elements, and a giant demon bear--and yes, that's in the comics. You can check out the video for yourself below.There are new emojis on Twitter you can use while you wait for the late-August release date: #NewMutantsCannonball, #NewMutantsWolfsbane, NewMutantsSunspot, #NewMutantsMirage, and #NewMutantsMagik.In addition, some new posters for the film have been revealed as well. Many of them pay homage to classic horror movies or feel like they come straight out of the '80s horror era. You can see a few of them below.First surprise! Check out all these rad posters by artists at @PosterPosse (@a_swainson, @SzarkaArt, @chris_digiart, @LST_MIND & @HopkoDesigns) pic.twitter.com/H9ZQ6GHuXO,

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