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high quality apple developer account:These New Nintendo Switch Travel Backpacks On Amazon Are Cute As Heck


The Nintendo Switch is a portable console that's perfect for taking on a long trip or commute, but it's easily vulnerable to scratches or dents if you don't store it properly. There are lots of carrying cases out there that are made for the Switch, but a new collection of backpacks from accessories brand Controller Gear offers the cutest selection of travel bags we've ever seen.The new Nintendo Switch backpacks come in three adorable Animal Crossing: New Horizons-themed designs: a Tom Nook quilted pattern, a colorful fruity theme, and the iconic teal leaf design seen on most of the game's merch. There's a sleek option for Mario fans as well, which comes in a black, gray, and red plaid design with the Mario logo on the bottom right corner. These are mini backpacks meant to hold your Switch and a few other small accessories, not large full-sized backpacks that you'd use for carrying books or a laptop, so just keep that in mind.6479991 - Animal Crossing and Mario Backpacks at Amazon Fruit Pattern Backpack Animal Crossing: New Horizons theme $50 at Amazon Teal Leaves Backpack Animal Crossing: New Horizons theme $50 at Amazon Tom Nook Quilted Backpack Animal Crossing: New Horizons theme $50 at Amazon Plaid Backpack Super Mario theme $50 at Amazon These backpacks are made of water-resistant polyester to help protect your console and Switch accessories. Inside, there's plenty of space to store your Switch or Switch Lite along with smaller accessories like your charger, headphones, or Pro Controller. The photos of the backpacks on Amazon show the Switch fitting inside a snug pocket while you travel, but personally, I'd still keep my Switch in a sturdy carrying case inside the backpack. The backpacks have a metal zip closure to help keep the items inside secure, and the straps are adjustable to fit both adults and children.The Switch travel backpacks are $50 each, which is definitely on the expensive side but not too surprising considering these are officially licensed Nintendo merch. The backpacks release August 21, so if you pre-order now, you'll receive yours in about a month. And if you're looking for travel cases or backpacks that are on the cheaper side, check out our updated roundup of the best Switch carrying cases, which includes more affordable options available on Amazon. Best Deals This Week Get $174 Worth Of Steam Games For $15 In New Bundle PlayStation Store Kicks Off Huge July PS4 Games Sale PS5 Pre-Order Date Will Be Announced Ahead Of Time, Sony Says Here's Where You Can Get A Nintendo Switch Lite All The Free Game Promotions You Can Claim On PS4, Xbox One, PC, And More Best Budget Monitors Under $200 - Cheap Monitors For Working From Home

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