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apple developer account:New PC Games Sale Discounts 800+ Games: Red Dead 2 For $42, Modern Warfare For $39, And More


Though Steam's Summer Sale is the rearview mirror, that doesn't mean Steam deals are stopping anytime soon. Green Man Gaming just kicked off a huge summer sale of its own discounting nearly 2,000 games. The sale is live for the next two weeks, and most of the deals you'll find can be redeemed on Steam.The GMG Summer Sale will be worth checking out periodically every couple of days. The "featured deals" will refresh every 48 hours with a new lineup of games at discounted prices. The first batch contains a number of great games at even better prices, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for $39.05, BioShock: The Collection for $12.75, and Red Dead Redemption 2 for $42.23. There are currently 36 featured deals, so it appears there will be quite a bit of shifting going on throughout the sale.Outside of the featured deals, there are still plenty of worthwhile deals that will be live throughout the entire sale. Two of GameSpot's favorite games of 2019, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and The Outer Worlds, have received big discounts. Sekiro--which won our 2019 Game of the Year--is discounted to $36.26, while The Outer Worlds, which has drawn comparisons to the Fallout series, is more than 50% off at $25.50.We've rounded up a bunch of the best deals below, which we will update as featured deals change--you can also see our picks directly at Green Man Gaming. If you want to browse the full sale, GMG has made it pretty simple, splitting up the deals into eight categories (publisher, genre, blockbusters, etc.). See more of the best deals at GMG Best deals in GMG Summer SaleBioShock: The Collection -- $12.75 ($60)*Blasphemous -- $11.68 ($25)Call of Duty: Modern Warfare -- $39.05 ($60)*Cities: Skylines -- $6.37 ($30)Civilization VI -- $12.75 ($60)Destiny 2: Upgrade Edition --$33.49 ($50)Dirt Rally -- $4.25 ($20)Grand Theft Auto V - Premium Online edition -- $12.86 ($35.18)*The Jackbox Party Pack 5 -- $15.59 ($30)*The Jackbox Party Quintpack -- $58.22 ($130)Kerbal Space Program -- $8.50 ($40)*LA Noire - Complete edition -- $7.65 ($30)Life is Strange 2 -- $13.60 ($40)*Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden -- $11.20 ($35)*The Outer Worlds -- $25.50 ($60)Outlast -- $2.40 ($20)*Overcooked 2 -- $12.74 ($25)*Red Dead Redemption 2 -- $42.23 ($60)*Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice -- $36.26 ($60)Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Definitive edition -- $16.83 ($60)Stellaris -- $8.50 ($40)Survios VR Collection -- $27.59 ($150)*Surviving Mars -- $8.67 ($30)Tropico 6 -- $32.49 ($50)XCOM 2 -- $12.75 ($60)Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair -- $11.47 ($30)*denotes featured deal that's only available for 48 hours Best Deals This Week Get $174 Worth Of Steam Games For $15 In New Bundle PlayStation Store Kicks Off Huge July PS4 Games Sale PS5 Pre-Order Date Will Be Announced Ahead Of Time, Sony Says Here's Where You Can Get A Nintendo Switch Lite All The Free Game Promotions You Can Claim On PS4, Xbox One, PC, And More Best Budget Monitors Under $200 - Cheap Monitors For Working From Home

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