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apple developer enterprise account for rent:Sony Increases PS5 Console Production For Launch Window - Report


A new report from the Nikkei Asian Review has some interesting details on the PlayStation 5. The site's sources claim that Sony is significantly increasing its shipment projection for the next-generation console. This comes after a report from April said PS5's launch supply could be lower than that of the PS4, but now that apparently will not be the case.The company has increased its production orders from 6 million units to 9 million units, though the window of time for their production was not mentioned in the report. These units will be assembled at Sony's new factory in Japan where robots outnumber humans. Separately, Bloomberg reported that Sony is aiming to produce 10 million PS5 consoles by the end of 2020. That wouldn't necessarily mean that 10 million make it to store shelves by the end of the year."The electronics giant has informed assembly partners and suppliers it,

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