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buy apple developer account :Walking Dead Creator Finally Tells Us What Caused The Zombie Apocalypse


It's been a decade since AMC's The Walking Dead first started and nearly a year since the comic book's surprise conclusion with issue #193. Now, after all this time has passed, writer and co-creator Robert Kirkman has revealed what started the zombie apocalypse in his fictional series. Turns out it was aliens all along--well, sort of. What remains to be seen is whether the often-sarcastic Kirkman was joking, as he shared the potential revelation in a two-word tweet that doubles down on something originally shared many years ago.In responding to a fan on Twitter who asked how the series' zombies came to be, Kirkman said space had something to do with it. Apparently, a "space spore" is what created the walkers in TWD's universe.Space spore.,

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